A Simpler Way to Apply for LinkedIn Learning & TTF Safety First!

The IATSE Training Trust Fund is simplifying the application process for free LinkedIn Learning Subscriptions and TTF Safety First! Online Courses. Simply click the links below and fill out the online forms to apply for each program.

LinkedIn Learning

Click here to fill out the LinkedIn Learning application online 

LinkedIn Learning is a self-guided learning platform with over 15,000 online courses on all types of topics and software. Free LinkedIn Learning Subscriptions are available to active IATSE members and those working under an IATSE agreement. Click here to learn more about LinkedIn Learning →


TTF Safety First!

Click here to fill out the TTF Safety First Online Courses application online →

The TTF Safety First! Online Courses © promote safe working conditions by providing information, tools, and resources to recognize potential hazards and minimize risks. Case studies from the various crafts are included, making the curriculum relevant across the IATSE workforce. Click here to learn more about Safety First →