IATSE Political Action Committee Fundraiser

IATSE Local 26 is announcing a drive to get more people signed up for the IATSE PAC fund. The future of our Local and of Organized Labor as a whole may well depend on the upcoming election, so supporting the PAC Funds that work to forward our collective interests only makes sense.

Of course, we also strongly encourage our members and referents to register and vote in every election, because if you give up your vote you also give up your voice. As our President said in her report last month, “It is imperative that we support pro-labor candidates at the ballot box this fall. You may vote by absentee ballot…I always suggest voting by absentee ballot for stagehands. Whatever you do, just don’t forget to vote.”

As incentive for donating to both the Michigan and IA PAC Funds, IATSE Local 26 and the IA are offering gifts to those members who meet donation criteria.

See the PDF document below for details and incentives.