Congratulations to Our Long-Standing Members!

A short time ago, Local 26 welcomed a large group of new members, and we are incredibly pleased they’ve chosen to join us. New members not only grow our Local, but they increase our bargaining power and ensure our longevity as a Local and as a Union.

Longevity is the focus today, for today Local 26 recognized those members with 10 or more years as a cardholder. Each member was given a lapel pin marked with his or her number of years of membership in 5-year increments. Not everyone was able to attend the meeting for a variety of reasons, but several of them were able to be recognized in person.

10 years:

15 years:

20 years:

25 years:

And finally, with 35 years of membership:

This is an example of the pin each member received:

As mentioned, these are not the only folks with 10+ years of membership! These are the people from those groups who were able to attend. We’re sorry the rest couldn’t make it, but work, life, and geography happen… such is the life of a stagehand, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thank you all for your many years of membership! We wouldn’t be where we are without you.