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Rigger Advisory Panel


At the May 24, 2019 Rigging Meeting, a group of 20 or so riggers elected Josh Roskamp, Randy Sturgis, and Tony Del Barrio to the Inaugural Panel of the Rigging Advisory Committee. The rigging department was asked by the Business Agent and Executive Board to form this panel to better enable communication regarding all rigging-related issues whether good or bad. This panel will also be responsible for scheduling, running, and keeping records of discussion at all Rigging Department meetings.

The initial topics this committee was asked to discuss included (but were certainly not limited to): Rigging Safety Issues, Rigging List Restructuring, Recruiting New Riggers, and Conduct and Duties of Riggers on Calls.

This inaugural panel has made a commitment of one year of service, after which nominations and an election will be held within the committee again. This group is an ad hoc committee of Local 26, which means they serve at the discretion of the President. Any Committee or Panel member who is not performing as directed or fails to work collaboratively with the department will be removed and a new person appointed to take his/her place.

Local 26 eagerly anticipates moving forward with the Rigging Department and its newly-elected Panel to solve issues and create new opportunities for advancement. Congratulations to you all!

Workers Memorial Day


On April 28, working people around the world observe Workers Memorial Day, known as National Day of Mourning or Jour de Deuil in Canada, to remember those who have suffered and died on the job and to renew the fight for safe jobs.

Since this commemoration takes place on a Sunday this year, the IATSE asks that all members across North America pause to reflect with a moment of silence on Monday, April 29th at 10am PDT/1:00pm EDT.

For more information about Workers Memorial Day in general, visit the AFL-CIO’s website.

For more information on how our sisters and brothers to the north observe this somber day, please visit the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.

Find Us Online!

Local 26 has added Instagram to our online presence! Follow us and keep up with what’s happening at work, with training, and at play.

Don’t forget we’re on Twitter as well!

Limited Edition Pins

IATSE Members may request limited edition pins from the Secretary-Treasurer. If you are interested in purchasing any of the below pins, please let the office know so we can place a large order rather than multiple small orders. Please remember the office does not accept cash, so payment must be either check, money order, or credit card. See PDF below for styles and pricing.

IA Pins

Change to SMS Procedure

IATSE Political Action Committee Fundraiser

IATSE Local 26 is announcing a drive to get more people signed up for the IATSE PAC fund. The future of our Local and of Organized Labor as a whole may well depend on the upcoming election, so supporting the PAC Funds that work to forward our collective interests only makes sense.

Of course, we also strongly encourage our members and referents to register and vote in every election, because if you give up your vote you also give up your voice. As our President said in her report last month, “It is imperative that we support pro-labor candidates at the ballot box this fall. You may vote by absentee ballot…I always suggest voting by absentee ballot for stagehands. Whatever you do, just don’t forget to vote.”

As incentive for donating to both the Michigan and IA PAC Funds, IATSE Local 26 and the IA are offering gifts to those members who meet donation criteria.

See the PDF document below for details and incentives.


Congratulations to Our Long-Standing Members!

A short time ago, Local 26 welcomed a large group of new members, and we are incredibly pleased they’ve chosen to join us. New members not only grow our Local, but they increase our bargaining power and ensure our longevity as a Local and as a Union.

Longevity is the focus today, for today Local 26 recognized those members with 10 or more years as a cardholder. Each member was given a lapel pin marked with his or her number of years of membership in 5-year increments. Not everyone was able to attend the meeting for a variety of reasons, but several of them were able to be recognized in person.

10 years:

15 years:

20 years:

25 years:

And finally, with 35 years of membership:

This is an example of the pin each member received:

As mentioned, these are not the only folks with 10+ years of membership! These are the people from those groups who were able to attend. We’re sorry the rest couldn’t make it, but work, life, and geography happen… such is the life of a stagehand, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thank you all for your many years of membership! We wouldn’t be where we are without you.

Welcome New IATSE 26 Members!

At the March 29, 2018 General Membership Meeting, Local 26 was pleased to swear in a large group of new members! We are pleased so many of you decided to join, and look forward to continuing our professional relationship in the future. Our members are the reason we exist, and increasing numbers also increase our strength in negotiating with employers, expressing our needs and concerns, and giving us a larger base from which to operate. Congratulations to all of you, and welcome to the Local 26 family!