CallSteward 3.0 Tutorial

Updated 7/8/22


The first thing to do is get yourself logged in. The identity system is based on email addresses. The email address you provided on your application for the referral list is used to create your profile. If you have not applied to the list, you cannot access the system.

To access your account, go to and select “Get New Password”.  It will send you an email from with a link to set a new password. Please also tell your mail server that the email address it came from is not junk email.

If that does not work, chances are that your email was incorrectly listed in CS2. We can fix that. Send an email to from the email address you want associated with your profile letting us know the issue. We can save your updated email address and send you a reset link from We CANNOT create a password for you.

When you have logged in, it will then open on your Schedule.

There is a crosshatch or three parallel horizontal line in the upper left corner. This will determine if you see just the icons or the icons and words on the side navigation pane. Generally, if you are full screen on a computer it will show the icons and words but if you are using a phone, it may be easier to just see the icons.

Unconfirmed calls will always appear at the top of the list on your Schedule. When you confirm an event, it will move down the list and appear in order of date. It will ask you to confirm your decision, so do not stress about hitting the wrong button. Declined calls will be recorded under the Declined section.

When you first get started, you will receive job offers as text messages. Our goal is to get everyone into the system so we can send SMS messages instead of hundreds of individual text messages.

Messages from cannot be directly responded to like text messages. You must either log into the site or contact 616-808-1892 with your response. 

SMS Messages can be confusing for single day. For example, this arena call is listed as starting at 9am and ending at 2am because we don’t know when exactly you will be cut, who will be on show, and who will be brought back early. Most people will have a break between the load in and load out. We like to tell you when the load out will start. The system is inconsistent about whether that note comes before or after the job offer.

It is easier to see and understand your schedule in the system.


You cannot accept part of a job and turn down the rest without a discussion with the call steward. If the job spans more than one day, you may receive separate messages. The rule still holds. We need to follow the referral procedure, maintain consistency, and fill all the calls.

You can decide how you want to receive offers. If you’d prefer email offers, you can select it under Settings. This can be very helpful if you break your phone.

To see the address of where you are working, click the pin under Job Location. At this time, we cannot list rooms assignments and location details under Job Locations. DeVos Place has 26 meeting rooms, 4 Ballrooms, 3 Exhibit halls, multiple lobbies, a skywalk, and patios, there are too many combinations to create a venue listing for each one. For any event in the DeVos Place Convention Center we will list the room assignment in the Event Name. For Example: “Wolverine – Ballroom B” or “City Commission – RO A-F”.

Select the Event to see more information.

Comments will list onsite contacts, parking information, rally points, and anything else we can tell you.

Employer Requests will continue to list show call, dress code, and special tools requests. For venues with Health Surveys the link will be listed here.

View Calls will show you everyone else on the call you have been offered. Personal opinion, not my favorite layout. The relevant information is there. We have inquired about sorting options. There is a different view for Stewards that will be covered in a different tutorial.

We can set priority for skills so that they will always be listed in this order. This in NO WAY determines how a call is filled. It is simply how the positions are listed.

  1. Heads
  2. Specialized Skills (A2, Riggers, Fly, Matrix, etc.)
  3. Wardrobe
  4. Show call Positions (Deck, Followspot, Houselights, etc.)
  5. Licensed Skills (Fork, Scissor, etc.)
  6. Hands (Carp, Elex, etc.)
  7. Other (Production, Replaced, etc.)

It’s a work in progress and may rearrange or add tiers. Anyone who has been in this industry for more than five minutes knows that the most vital role changes from show to show and sometimes throughout the course of a show. We will not participate in any arguments that one department is always more important than another department.

Your Profile should be reviewed. If any of your contact information is incorrect, please change it and NOTIFY THE OFFICE! We like to make sure you are getting your paychecks and mailings. If you are a member, you MUST notify the Secretary-Treasurer with any new contact information as the most current on file is where official communications are sent. Select Edit Profile to make changes.

Remember that your login is tied to your email address. If you have issues with changing it, our office can help.

Pay attention to the red text. If you want to receive text messages your cell phone number MUST include the area code. ALWAYS use the SAVE button after making changes!

You can change your password. We cannot. The best we can do is send you a reset link. If that does not work, we will have to turn the issue over to the support tech. They are happy to help and can fix issues we cannot.

You do not have permission to change your own skills. Call stewards are allowed to give the following basic skill checks: Audio, Carpenter, Electrician, Hand, Loader, Projection, Prop, Pusher, Replaced, and Student. Everything else must be approved by the Business Agent. Some may require proof of certification (Fork, CDL, etc.) or a skill evaluation (Weight Loading, Board Op, etc.).

PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. Update your availability. No one’s Recurring Unavailability transferred over. If you have a regular schedule at another job or are in school, enter the hours here. We will not offer you work that conflicts with it, only jobs you are available to work.

ALWAYS use the SAVE button after making changes!

You can decide if you prefer a 12 or 24-hour clock. It will not affect how anyone else sees it.

By default, the site will email you job offers. You can choose SMS (text to your cell) if you prefer it. This is completely your choice. The first time the call steward sends you a message from CS3 it will be followed up by a text from the call steward phone 616-808-1892. Once we have confirmed you are getting the messages, we will only notify you from CS3. Please review the IATSE Local 26 Referral Procedure. Changes were made recently regarding response time and several other things.

Note from Beth: If you cannot open the link to the Referral Procedure, you do not have an account for the IA26 website. Please scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Request an Account”. We will approve you for a login as soon as possible. Logins are available to all members and referents who have worked at least one call.

Reach out if you are having trouble maneuvering the site.  This is new for all of us.

From Beth: You should be used to seeing this, and it still holds true… Be safe. Be well. STAY HOME OR MASK UP. And as always… WASH YOUR HANDS!