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While we always welcome new clients and venues, there are several places we can normally be found as well as numerous vendors and affiliates with whom we have a working relationship.

Proudly working with some of West Michigan’s greatest event venues since 1894

Below you’ll find our most commonly worked venues (click on each venue logo for an informational popup), industry links helpful to our members and referents, and links to our vendors and affiliates.

Our Venues

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Meet Our Vendors & Affiliates

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Useful Industry Links


Members are encouraged to call the IATSE Safety Hotline whenever they feel unsafe on the job, for any reason.

When a member calls the Safety Hotline (Toll free: 844-IA AWARE, 844-422-9273), the caller can either leave a message or talk to a safety representative who will begin handling the issue. Depending on the circumstances, the safety representative will contact the Local’s representative and assist them with the issue, or call the employer directly.

**This program is not meant to take the place of an employer’s hazard reporting plan or to relieve employers from their responsibility**