Important Information Regarding UTP Direct Deposit

According to an email from UTP Group:

Just so you are aware we are changing systems for direct deposit, it will not effect anyone that has been getting it already but we are not entering new ones until the new system is up and running (supposed to be Monday but you never know). So anyone new, within the last week or so, will get a check until it is up and running (or postponed).


And while I have you here… There are still several people who have yet to fill out their new hire paperwork (or provide us with copies of their supporting documents). You cannot be paid for a job you’ve worked until that paperwork is complete, and I honestly cannot fathom why you would drag your feet on this. If you worked a job in a venue other than VanAndel Arena, Devos Place/Hall, DeltaPlex, or Miller Auditorium and have not yet been paid, please call or stop by the Local 26 office to find out if you’re on the list and get your paperwork completed. Some of these paychecks have been held since last summer, and everyone who needs to do paperwork has been contacted multiple times (in person on the call by their Head Carpenter, via email from the office, and/or by phone).  Under Michigan law, uncashed payroll checks are considered abandoned after they have been dormant for one year. I am unsure if that applies only to checks that have been issued and not cashed, or if it also applies to checks for which the funds are being held until paperwork is on file, but it doesn’t seem like letting your money get sent to the state unclaimed property division is the way to go.


Reminder: The office is open Monday through Friday 9am to 2pm and closed on all major holidays. Planned changes to the hours will be posted on our website on the Contact page. It’s always a good idea to call before you stop by just in case something unexpected happened and we have had to close on short notice.