New Payroll System at WMU – Miller Auditorium

You are receiving this communication because you may be a participant in the paycard program at Western Michigan University for your work at Miller Auditorium.  The current vendor for the paycard is Money Network Services.  This notification is to inform  you that Western is transitioning from Money Network Services to the PNC paycard program.  This conversion is being scheduled for the first payroll in Oct. 2019.  You can anticipate your new card arriving the week prior to the first pay in October to allow time for card activation.

If you are a current cardholder, a new PNC card has been requested for you and will be mailed to your permanent address as listed in the database.   Please contact Payroll and Disbursements if your new card has not arrived by October 1, 2019.  The phone number is 269 387-2935.    If you have converted from the paycard to direct deposit, please discard this notice.  Please be advised that in many circumstances it is to your advantage to have direct deposit rather than a paycard due to the fees associated with paycards.

Please see the schedule of fees as noted below.  The fee schedule will also be enclosed within your new card.